14 Feb 2013

Book Launch - Camphor Avenue


 Who hasn’t spent a memorable reunion with schoolmates guffawing over stories of schooldays, the night goes by and it is only the chirping of birds that remind how time has flown by - just as the years in school did. As a boarder in RIMC ( Rashtriya Indian Military College ) in the early 60s and 30 years later as the head of my alma mater for about 8 yrs, I have always wanted someone to pen these hilarious stories for students, teachers and parents. The reader will find that she/he is sent back to school and the innocence of childhood comes alive once again.

 A team of four, of which the three were together at  RIMC  in the 1960s and the fourth, the anchor of the enterprise (born much later), has come together with this narration. They go about telling the stories in a most engaging manner that brings back a flood of memories.

 Of the three old boys – Jas and Unni are my course mates while Chander was about two years younger, we are thus contemporaries. I have been a witness to some of the hilarious tales that they recount here and vouch for them being most authentic - some places a little masala maybe. Interactions with Sidharth started after I came back to head the school in 1997. He is the quintessential editor, who must have the edition meet the deadline.

 This gang of four have done their best to recall the often exciting time we had at our boarding school.

I hope that students of then and now will find it a thoroughly enjoyable read and hopefully some of them may feel excited to pen a sequel.

This book, though about Rimcolian childhood, is highly recommend for all, even children; it helps to bridge the generation gap, bring good cheer and a smile on your face.

Col Arun Mamgain (Rtd)
Feburary 2013. 

 To purchase this book, please contact
a)     Brig CS Thappa  chander_thapa@hotmail.com 
b)     Mr Sidharth Mishra sidharthmishra@hotmail.com  + 91 98102 67451

I am Unni referred to above. I shall appreciate if a few, or all of you, purchased a copy of this book and also gave it some word of the moth publicity. You will love the stories, make you and your children laugh. The proceeds of the book will go to charity.

 best regards,